Watkins Glen State Park

Enjoy exploring the Watkins Glen State Park

Couple weeks ago, we discovered some very beautiful trails in the Watkins Glen State Park. It was such a great experience to walk through nature and breathe in the fresh air in the mountains. It was raining when we visited the park several weeks ago. That was my first time ever to walk in the rain surrounded by waterfalls and rocky mountains.

We started from the main entrance and we hiked the entire state park (including traveling back to the parking lot) in the rain for more than two hours (roughly 10 miles) while enjoying the beauty of our mother nature. We used the Gorge Trail in Watkins Glen. This trail is the one with all the beautiful waterfalls and mountains!  Occasionally, there are waterfalls coming down from the mountains and you can walk through them. Jimmy took these opportunities to wash his feet. The waterfalls made me feel so relaxed and the sound of these falls felt like music in my ears. This is certainly the best place for physical exercise.

Here are some pictures, a video, and a map for you to view! Definitely, put this place on your bucket list!

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