Simple Fish Dinner Recipe for Busy Weekdays

So how to make some simple fish dinner?

The ingredients
  • Fillets -- You can get these at Walmart in the frozen section. 
  • Beans -- You can also get these at Walmart in the frozen section.
  • Lemon -- half a lemon for each plate
  • Avacado -- a full-size avocado
  • Salt and black pepper --- for the taste
  • Butter -- adequate amount of butter based on the amount of fish being cooked
  • Olive oil
  1. Add olive oil to your pan and make sure the oil thinly covers the pan
  2. Put in the frozen fillets (amount of your choice)
  3. Put in some packaged frozen beans
  4. Put the butter in
  5. Put salt and black pepper on each side of your fillets and over the beans
  6. Now wait and let it cook for a few minutes and in the meantime, flip the fillets several times
  7. Wait until the fillets turn to white instead of translucent and you know your dinner is almost done!
  8. When both beans and the fillets are done, take them out and display them on the plate.
  9. Cut a lemon in half and display one-half on the plate (make sure you squeeze the lemon juice out when you are eating your fish)
  10. Cut an avocado to half and peel off its skin and display them on the plate
  11. Enjoy!
Voila! Here is your healthy dinner for your healthy lifestyle even during the busy weekdays!
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