Hello and Goodbye 2022

This year has been interesting. We moved from New York to California with our household goods in a small trailer.  The journey to California was long, especially with our three kitties, a Mastiff pup, and our baby girl. We drove through so many national parks and saw the true beauty of America. 

One month later, my son joined us in California. He is so excited to start his life in a new environment until his bad experience with the school. The school had a lot of rules, even for a three-year-old. Every day when he came home, he was not happy because the teachers forced him to do too many things he did not like. This eventually led to selective mutism. At first, we thought something was going on with his head, but the MRI result was good. The doctor could not figure out what exactly is wrong with him. As a result, our family believes this must have something to do with his emotions. We brought him back to Toronto, and guess what! Kieran is talking again! Look how happy Kieran is with his little aunt and sister!

We are currently back in our old house in NY. It is really cold here compared to sunny California! We visited NYC yesterday and spent a night there. My Mastiff pup, Iris, loved Central Park despite the cold. She gave me a huge hug at the end of our walk at the top of the stairs of the metropolitan museum of art!

I also made a series of Christmas Greeting cards for our babies. Aren't they just adorable beyond words!?

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