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Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Lusi Zhan. I am originally from Canada and now I live in the US with my hubby Jimmy. The two of us love to travel across North America, especially the United States. We would drive from Upstate New York to Florida in one night in the middle of the winter to enjoy the sun down in Key West. As we arrived in Key West, we would listen to the crazy roosters crow throughout the night. Our adventure vehicle is our beloved F150. It has been our mobile hotel.

We are also animal lovers. I used to have two puppies in Toronto, but Pira passed away. Pira was the greatest German Shepherd. She was the most behaving and sweet puppy! We used to be running buddies to keep each other fit and she would give me hugs when I come home. I miss her so much. The chihuahua is Lulu and she currently lives with my mom. I haven't seen her for over a year. When I was still a student back in Toronto, she would sit behind my butt to keep my butt warm throughout the cold winter in Canada.

Below we have Kedie (left) and Jedie (right). We adopted them from a local PetSmart store. Kedie is our first adoptive son. He is a very careful cat who makes sure to not step/scratch you. Jedie, on the other hand, is a very playful kitty. He can pick up anything to play with. He is a social butterfly when comes to parties in our house.

In the beginning of the year 2018, we adopted another cat from the same PetSamrt. We named him Jupiter because he was such a gas giant. The first gift he gave us was a pile of poop. He is a well-known food thief in our household. He stole my dumplings, jerky (mostly), or any food on the table. Surprisingly, this cat also loves to eat vegetables! In the below picture, he stole my iPad and my seat to play his rat game!

Then Marley entered our lives when we moved to our new home. He is an outdoor cat who loves to eat raw meat and catches his own meal. Here, he is trying to steal our beef and that piece of beef really became his dinner. Yes, he is so spoiled!

Iris came to our lives because we just wanted to add more chaos to the household after my son was born. She acts like a princess in the house. She loves to stand up and give hugs. I love her so much!

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