Moving to the West

Hi, Internet! It's been a while since I last posted. Our family has been busy moving from the east coast to the west coast. It was quite an experience. We drove through many national parks on the way. The whole family enjoyed the 10-day road trip! We experienced numerous geographical changes from sky-high Colorado mountains to Utah sand dunes and from the extreme mountain top cold to the extreme desert heat. We finally made it to our final destination, the expensive Silicon Valley! Our new journey awaits!

On our way to Sequoia National Park

Jimmy's taking a picture of Iris in Death Valley

Found burros having midnight snacks in Death Valley

Modeling in Canyonlands National Park

We saw some of Colorado's bighorn sheep

At Colorado National Monument

Somewhere in Bryce Canyon NP

Waking up in Capitol Reef NP

Driving with our fur babies and baby girl, we were still able to reach several national parks. I am very proud of our driver, Jimmy! We also had a little trailer in the back carrying our household goods and the trailer tires broke when we reached near LA. Good timing! We had so much fun and learned so much on the way. We will definitely continue our Wild Wild West adventures. Will keep you posted!
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