The Progression of Being Hugged

Our Super Cats - The Story of Jedie and Kedie 

The progression of being hugged by the mama cat. 

Stage 1: The Struggling 

The struggling stage doesn't seem to bother Kedie. Look at his face! So calm. In the meanwhile, Jedie is trying to get away!

Stage 2: The Cray Cray

Yes, Jedie is the cray cray who tries his best to escape the scene. 

Stage 3: The Take-A-Break Moment 

Ah, no! Jedie is officially tired. In the meantime, Mr. Kedie is busy watching the stars above him. 

Stage 4: The Escape 

Ok! The Great Escape Round 2 is here! Jedie tries again, and Kedie just wants his picture taken. 

Stage 5: The Falling and The Rising 

Jedie tries to tell Kedie: I am the King. You are my subject. I get to jump off first. On the other hand, Kedie seems to be very confused what is above his head.  

Stage 6: The King Jedie 

Jedie has made it clear that he is the King, and he should have a solo photoshoot as Kedie continues to struggle. 


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