Floating on Lake Huron

The Best Lake Journey at Lake Huron, ON, Canada

Welcome aboard to Ontario's best ferry Chi-Cheemaun! This is us entering the parking area on the ferry. It is so unbelievable how many vehicles it can take in. The ferry trip costs about $77 CAD. I know it is an expensive ride but it is definitely worth it!

Going up from the parking area and these are the stairs that lead to the majestic view of the Great Lake. As you can tell from here, the ship is gigantic (definitely seaworthy). It has several floors. It feels like a concrete building on the lake. I totally loved the ship and I wish I could live on it!

Here is a view of this gigantic ship. According to Wikipedia, this ship is 111 m (364 ft) with a 19 m (62 ft) beam and has a capacity of 648 passengers and 143 vehicles, including room for large highway vehicles such as buses and transport trucks. How impressive!

Here is the front view of the ship with an Ontario flag in the middle! I love my home province! 

Look at the blue lake. How clean! I haven't seen a lake so clean like this one! I even collected some water samples from Lake Huron! Well, the water is bland, which means it is clean and chemical-free!

Here we go again! The vast blue lake of Ontario (Michigan as well). The blue lake and the blue sky are a perfect combination. I stayed mostly on the deck of the ship to take in all the fresh air. 

A man trying to feed a smart seagull floating above the ship looking for human food. This guy actually started a trend of feeding this seagull. I captured the moment that the seagull was picking up the food from the man. 

Just listen to the sound of the ship traveling on the lake and look into the vast body of this lake. I have to thank my boyfriend for taking me there. We later traveled to Sudbury on the way back home. It was a nice boating journey!

You can read more about the majestic ship, Chi-Cheemaun, here
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