Tioga River Adventure

Jimmy and Lusi's Adventure in Tioga River

Tioga River is a small river that runs between northern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York. The river is shallow for most parts. Some parts of the river are more like streams with rapid currents. It is a great river for kayaking. Our inflatable boat with a trolling motor only worked well for the slightly deeper parts of the river. For the shallow parts, we had to pull the boat and walk against the current. The bottom of the river is very stony, but our feet and the boat survived the 2-hour walk. Jimmy is a great crayfish catcher. He caught more than 20 crayfish, and he decided to keep them as pets in his aquarium. He also caught a froglet on the way back. When we were not pulling the boat, I had a good tan drifting on the Tioga River. It was nice to be surrounded by nature and chirping birds. I had a good time with my love. Here, I have uploaded some pictures and a video for you to enjoy. 

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