Lusi Goes to Sabrina's Wedding

Sabrina and Peter Tied the Knot

My best friend since high school, Sabrina, just got married (08/05/2017). I am so happy for her and that is the kind of happiness beyond words can express. We had a lot of good times together back in high school. It was basically Sabrina and Lusi against high school and everything else. Look at her today! She is married. Time passes by so fast! 

Sabrina is a fun and loving person. I feel so grateful to have her in my life.  She always listens to my concerns in life and tries to make me happy. Throughout the years, she has given me some very good advice from school to relationships. I loved our adventures in downtown Toronto, our movie nights, our visits to Quiznos (portobello mushroom), and that one time when we had to study for our final high school exams at the Toronto Reference Library! I also learned a lot about bands like System of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nightwish from her. She is a full-time cat lover just like me. She had at least three cats when she lived with her parents. As life went on, Sabrina made more friends in university and she introduced them to me. Our circle of friends grew! 

Look at the food we had at Brina's wedding! I got a piece of chicken and a piece of steak at the same time. I told Brina a long time ago to get married soon so that I can enjoy all the great food at her wedding. Well, she certainly didn't disappoint me! Although I had so much food already, the cheesecake at the end was not left out. Oh look, Sabrina and Peter's wedding cake! 
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