My Pregnancy

It has been a very long journey. This is my 39th-week bonding with my son!  His expected due date is on Christmas day, the most wonderful time of the year.  From my ultrasound, we saw him practicing his muscles and breathing.  He is well-positioned and ready to greet the world with his lovely smile. He is definitely the most precious Christmas present. 

Since this is the last part of my pregnancy, I've been experiencing serious swollen feet and hands (the doctor is even concerned). As a result, I can't sit, stand, or walk for a long time. Even sleeping and getting dressed nowadays have become very difficult. I have gained so much weight and my little bones can't even support my heavy weight. So exhausting! My hubby Jim, on the other hand, has been very supportive. He's been cooking and cleaning for me since the day I've become clumsy. He also assembled the baby changing station, crib, stroller, car seat, etc. 

On my 34th week of pregnancy, Jimmy took me to Kentucky. Driving from Upstate New York all the way down to Kentucky roughly took 10 hours! I couldn't believe both my baby and I made it through the long trip. Later in the week, Jimmy drove us all the way to Gulfport, Mississippi. That place was really warm for November. We stayed there for a bit and drove directly back to Upstate New York and from there we drove all the way to Maine for some lobsters. Should I call us crazy? Our baby was totally fine with traveling that far. We passed by a lot of hospitals on the way, so the worst case scenario was to give birth wherever we drove by. 

Here Jimmy is posing with the beautiful palm trees of Gulfport, Mississippi. Last year around the same time, Jimmy and I were there and we engraved our initials on the Mississippi beach. We also dipped our toes into the Gulf of Mexico and bought back some beach sand for our aquarium.  Good times without the baby. We will soon not have time to travel that far. 

Here Jimmy shows off our oversized Maine lobsters in a local diner in Maine. I was super happy with my freshly caught lobster. It was worth it to drive all the way there for some good seafood. Jimmy is such a sweetheart. 
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