The Story About Angela The German Shepherd

My boyfriend and I were traveling in West Texas for our memorial long weekend. When we arrived in San Angelo, roughly around midnight, we saw a dog walking in the middle of the traffic. My boyfriend stopped the car and this pup started circling around our car looking lost. I got off the car and tried to find if she belonged to anybody. She had no tag. She was so hungry and was looking for food in the garbage can in a nearby gas station. To stop her from eating garbage, we drove with her to Walmart to get her some water and food. The next day we took her to a local San Angelo vet to check on her microchip. Sadly, she had no microchip on her. Then I tried to locate the owner on helpmegethome.com (a local lost and found pet website), but no one replied to my post. Also not to mention how shameful it was, we were told by the local vet that this young dog already had several litters of puppies.

We stopped at Walmart to get Angela a collar, leash, food, and water in San Angelo, TX.

We are from New York. We had a plane to catch the next day. We were not sure where we could send her. I tried calling the shelters in the West Texas area,  Dallas, and Houston. The staff at the shelters said they don't have space for another dog. Well, guess what. This is really what happened: Texas Animal Shelter Overwhelmed. Also according to Val's Pals Rescue, one Houston area shelter alone can receive over 300 dogs in one weekend. That is ridiculous and shows how many irresponsible owners are out there.

Angela traveling with us in Monahans, TX
To save this pup from potential euthanasia, we decided to adopt her.  We took her to the vet again to give her all the vaccines and antibiotics she needed. We temporarily found her a boarding home in Houston. She had so much fun playing with other dogs. She doesn't have to eat garbage or drink muddy water anymore. She is now safe and being taken care of.

Angela playing with her Husky friend in Houston, TX
Eventually, she was sent back to us from Houston to Elmira. Angela is such as a sweetheart. She loved us so much and gave us a lot of kisses. She enjoyed our road trip from West Texas to New Mexico. She even put her paw on my lap when we were both sitting on the bench. She was also so protective.

Angela the pretty flower girl in Ithaca, NY
We were originally planning to move into a new house, but the owner of this house refused to move out. As a result, Angela still did not have a place to stay, so I had to send her to different sitters on Rover for 2 months. I also found out that I am pregnant and was not so well to take care of an active puppy like Angela. Luckily, Angela met her sitter, Emma, and they became best friends immediately. Some of the sitters on Rover said Angela was too hard to take care of, but Angela didn't seem to cause Emma too much trouble. They went running, hiking, and exploring together, and Emma even got Angela some hiking gears. After the adoption, Emma continues to send me pictures of Angela to keep me updated. I am so happy for Angela that she has finally found her forever home.

Angela with Emma, her adoptive mom and best friend
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