Cat Lady's Cat Diary

Here we have Jupiter and Jedie. They always sleep together nowadays. They are the cutest brothers ever. When they wake up, they groom each other as you can see from the previous post. These two sweethearts of mine are officially bonded. They both love playing with wires, and they know how to share their toys. Ah, they are the gems of my life.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is a very mischievous kitten. As you can see, we were eating some sunflower seeds. This guy patiently waited for us to feed him some even though he didn't like them that much. He is the rascal who steals my food all the time. So hard to tame his wild side. 

It is cold in New York, so the kitties lined up around the heater to warm themselves up. They belong to the kitty gang. Too much cuteness. They are really making me the happiest mom ever alive. 

Look at Keide. He doesn't seem to be so amused. Aww, poor little boy wants to play! Look at daddy! He is so happy holding Keide. I love both of them so very much. 

Kedie always makes weird poses, but that makes him super adorable. I think he is doing yoga here. Oh man, I wish I could be that flexible. Not sure what he was looking at, but probably food. He is the one who always comes up to you to give you hugs and kisses.
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