My Love for Cats

My boyfriend and I adopted two cats from a local shelter. They are Jedie and Kedie, and they are absolutely wonderful cats. I can't imagine my life without them. I also have to thank God for sending me a boyfriend who is also crazy about cats.  For your curiosity,  the name Kedie is from a cat documentary Kedi, and the name Jedie is from Star Wars' Jedi. In the dark, I can distinguish them very quickly because Jedie has very soft fur and Kedie purrs extremely loud when he is around me.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, we adopted another cat, Jupiter. He was recently born. He is so tiny, but he is the boss of Jedie and Kedie. When he gets his big treat, he growls. He is telling the other two cats to back off! He is also a food thief. If you don't pay attention to your food for one second, he will grab some pieces from your plate and run away. 

Here Jedie and Jupiter are grooming each other. They are super cute. They love each other so much. Sometimes they even hold each other to sleep. 

Anna Akana is basically my inspiration -- a lady who can take care of so many cats. One of my favorite lines from this song is: "How many cats is too many cats? There's no such number..." True, I think I am not so different from her. I totally agree with her lyrics. 

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