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In the past few weekends, my boyfriend and I traveled to three different state parks. We had so much fun exploring and being as primitive as we could. Here, let me show you each park we went to.

The first one was called the Stony Brook State Park. It is just a bit north of us, so the drive was not too bad. Our campsite was pretty secluded with only one family beside us. The campfire pit was amazing because it had a rack on it for us to cook our food.  Talking about food, we have a selection of camping meals.

For Dinner
  • We brought our preprepared veggies including yellow peppers, red peppers, onions, and mushrooms. We found them in TOPS. 
  • We also got two pieces of steaks. They were seasoned with black peppers and salt. 
These two things were for dinner. Just simply put them on the rack and let them cook. If you want to cook them in a pan above the camp fire, that is fine, too. 

For Breakfast
  • BACON, BACON, BACON (our favorite morning food when comes to camping)
  • Mashed potato, which needed to be heated up by a stove.
Our Drinks
  • V8, very healthy and keeps us away from hunger
  • Our coconut juice from Thailand, which can be found in the Asian food aisle in your local supermarket
Our second state park is called Allegany State Park, and we stayed at the Quaker area of the park. I would say this one was the most secluded campsite we had ever been on! There was no one beside us, and our campsite was surrounded by trees. We couldn't find firewood so we got charcoal instead and made delicious camp food out of it. The fire definitely lasted longer than campfire wood.

We just got back from our third state park: Cook Forest State Park. This state park has some really tall trees, and all the campsites are surrounded by them. It felt very wild and primitive. However, since Pennsylvania is known for its forests, many people from different states want to taste the nature of these forests. As you might conclude, this state park's campsite was not so secluded.  Our campsite was surrounded by two families, but there were still a bit far from us. 

I have some more videos of us cooking on the campfire. Here are some from Stony Brook. 

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