Litter Robot Open Air Review

Say goodbye to scooping! This litter robot will save tons of your time! I finally don't have to wash the litter box anymore and see the dirty sand gluing on to the litter box because of pee pee. Say goodbye to that horrific smell. Beleive me, it was a lot of work to take care of multiple kitties. With this little machine, taking care of them has just become easy!

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My boyfriend introduced me to the litter robot on Amazon! Woohoo! I finally can take a break from scooping dirty poop! The set up is so easy. All you have to do is to plug it in!

Then the litter robot will do the following whenever it detects poop:
  • A timer will be activated after your cat left the poop station. 
  • It will cycle the litter and take out the clumpy poop. The poop will be dumped into the tray underneath the litter box. All you need is a plastic bag in the tray, and clean it out once a day. 
  • Once all that is done, the little robot will shine the blue light to tell you that it is ready to take another dump.
Bonus: It has a nightlight. If your cat is close to the litter at night, the litter robot will light up!

Advice: If your cat refuses to use the new litter robot, you can leave the old litter box beside the litter robot and never clean it. Your cat will eventually give up on its old litter box, and join the futuristic generation of cats. You can get this litter robot on Amazon!

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