My Pregnancy Cravings

Lately, I've been eating a lot and gained so much weight. Guess the baby has a really good appetite. He keeps asking mama for more, even in the middle of her sleep. The ultrasound result thinks baby Kieran will come out on the first day of 2019. That is again a very nice day for a baby to be born. Let's hope he gets here on time so I can spend more time cuddling with him before going back to work. Anyhow, here is a list of my cravings. Just by writing this blog post, I am already drooling!

1. My Danish Cookies 

This buttery and sugary type of cookie is so irresistible. I bought so many of them from Walmart. I just can't help it. I think my baby Kieran loves them, too. I could feel his kicks after I ate these cookies. The reaction was fast. These are my favorite midnight snacks. 

2. Butter Croissants 

Heading to the bakery section of Walmart. OMG, these buttery croissants are so delicious. I have them every morning with my coffee and my chocolate cereal. Life is so good. Lucky me,  my hubby Jimmy deals with my croissant refills. He makes sure that I have enough of croissant supply. At work, I am so obsessed with chocolate croissants. Those who work in our caf all know I love them.  

3. Sweet Corn Muffins

Oh my, DEAR! These sweet corn muffins were introduced to me by Jimmy's mommy when she was down here visiting us. They are so tasty. I can finish the pack in just a few minutes. Then Jimmy has to do another Walmart run to get more muffin stocks. 

4. Homemade Toasts

This is me making toasts in the middle of the night while Jimmy is working on his 'projects' in the basement. I almost finished the whole bag of bread today. Speaking of toasts, I am going to resume eating right after I finish writing this blog. I can't wait. Jimmy spoils me too much. He is always willing to refill my cravings!

5. Iced Coffee

My everyday morning boost is my iced coffee. I can't live without it and even the caf ladies know! To solve my caffeine cravings, Jimmy got me a Keurig to make iced coffee right from home.  
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