My Ultrasound Baby

15th Week Ultrasound

The first time when we met baby Kieran was on his 15th week. He was still a baby alien and sleeping peacefully in my womb. Oh, we still didn't know his gender at this time! Before this ultrasound, I had no idea how old he was because I rarely had any reactions when I was pregnant with him besides the missing monthly period (sometimes my period could be irregular). Kieran is such a sweetheart who doesn't want to make mama sick.

Baby Kieran is sleeping peacefully in my cozy womb.
Gonna turn around to show mommy and daddy my face!
There he waves! Baby Kieran says hi!
21st Week Ultrasound

This was the most exciting ultrasound because we were going to find out his gender! He was so active! We caught him kicking my bladder and moving all over! Fortunately, he was nice enough to allow us to take some good 3D pictures of him.

 That is the boy part and we call it the turtle!
Look, mama! I can sing! I will be a superstar!
Mama, I am tired now. I need a nap. Sing to you later!
Here is a kick to your bladder, mama! I need more space!
Kieran says he likes to kick mama! Here is the solid proof!
My son is the thinker. Bet he is thinking about my Danish cookies!
38th to 39th Ultrasound

Almost done there! Doctors were double-checking everything on the baby, so I got 2 ultrasound examinations in a row! The baby is currently in the right position, facing down and ready to greet the world! We also tried really hard to take some good 3D pictures of him, but he moved so much. Ah, what a wild one! The expected date based on the latest ultrasound result has been moved to the first day of 2019, which is exactly 1 week later than expected.

This was from the 1st ultrasound. Kieran is hiding his face with his fists!
This was from the 2nd ultrasound. We tried to take a good picture of his foot, but he moved too much!
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