My Cats Know I am Pregnant

I have been pregnant since sometimes between late March and early April. My cats have become extremely nice and gentle to me since then. I haven't been scratched for a very long time. I am so happy! The kitties always ensure that they don't step on my hair and my other body parts. Even when they play with me, they make sure to not show their pointy claws. As for my last month of pregnancy (Dec. 2018), I essentially live in the bathroom. Nonstop pooping and peeing! The kitties will visit the toilet with me to check on me. I am so blessed to have these wonderful souls in my life. They make my painful pregnancy experience more pleasant! Kieran is still not here yet, but he's been kicking! I can't wait to introduce him to my baby cats.

Selena, our guest cat, constantly accompanies me to the bathroom.
Another picture of Selena checking on me in the bathroom.
Selena, Kedie, Jupee, and Jedie lined up to check on me in the bathroom.
Kedie kisses Kieran through my belly. He makes sure his paws are not pressuring the baby.
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