Finally the Litter Box is Purrfect!

We've been looking for odorless cat litter everywhere.

We previously use World's Best Cat Litter - Long Lasting Performance.  
  • Odor: Based on my experience, I don't think this product did a good job with odor control. I was frustrated with this product because no matter how I cleaned the litter, it still smelled bad. 
  • Price: We got this cat litter from Pet Smart . It is not the cheapest cat litter in the market. 
  • Cleaning: Cats sometimes bring sand outside the litter box. It was hard to clean when dropped on the floor because the particles are small and sometimes hard to see. It also got dusty when I cleaned the litter box. My vacuum cleaner, as I can see, is filled with dusty cat litter. 
  • Scent: All-Natural Scented Lavender Oil...I don't think that is a good idea because I want my cats to feel that they are in the wild and the scent just ruined it. Also the scent may not be healthy for the cats.  
We found something precious inside the good old Walmart! The goal of cheapest price product has been achieved when we found Special Kitty Natural Cat Litter

  • Odor: I haven't cleaned the litter box for 2 days and I still smell nothing. This is great!
  • Price: 3.87? When I saw this price, I really freaked out. How can a 25lb cat litter be so cheap! 
  • Cleaning: The particles are big enough to be seen and they are very easy to clean. No dust at all! Finally I don't have to breathe in dusty sand. 
  • Scent: I don't smell anything. Well it is made from 100% ground clay, which is more natural to the cats! 
Our cats are definitely enjoying their new cat litter. 

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