My Favorite Talk Show Hosts

#1 Ellen Degeneres

She is funny and talented. One of my favorite talk show hosts on TV (well, the Internet, too). She has all the coolest segments to entertain. I love the CatWeek segment because I am such a huge fan of cats and she puts all these cutest cat videos on air. Purrrrfect!  I also like her "What's wrong with these signs?" segment. I just can't stop laughing. Ellen also goes through her audience's Facebook. So if you are going to Ellen's live show, please make sure you pictures are set to private...unless you just don't mind! 

I have to thank Ellen for getting me through my tough times either in school or personal life. She made me smile every time I watch her! I am so happy to have her everywhere on my social media. I really hope that I can see her live one day!  She also taught me to be kind to one another. Be loving, caring and giving are the top qualities I learned from Ellen. She also supports the LGBT community. I love her for what she does to raise awareness for those who need to be heard. Overall, she is an incredible woman.

#2 James Corden

This guy from the UK is multi-talented. He can sing all sort of songs from Broadway to today's popular songs, and the coolest thing is that he remembers all the lyrics and the tones. That is super incredible! I am also a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris and can't believe these guys did a show together. That was the best show on TV/Internet! I definitely have to go see him when I am in California. Well, singing is not his only talent. He is also a very talented comedian. 

I love his celebrity noses segment! Well, it seems that Corden never really got the time to talk about celebrity noses because of a series of issues. Oh yeah, my other favorite segment is "Take a Break". 

I think it was because of him, I used up so much of my phone data. I just can't stop. He is hilarious.

He also uses his musical talent to express his political views. He is just awesome. He sure is not a big fan of Donald Trump. Trump's ban on transgender in the military is so unnecessary. He just gave TV show hosts more singing/talking materials. Thanks, Trump!

#3 Jimmy Kimmel

I love all the crew members on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In particular, I love Jimmy's security guard, Guillermo Rodriguez! He is the most hilarious Mexican alive!  I love Judge James, which is kind of like Judge Judy but with more comedy. Totally loved Guillermo's performance. Guillermo's probably the number one reason that I love Jimmy Kimmel's show (shhh..don't tell Kimmel this). 

Mr. Guillermo! You are so funny! Jimmy Kimmel had definitely made a good choice for putting you on the show. Good choice! Good choice, Kimmel! 

Great! If he was actually running for VP of the United States, I would certainly support him. He would be the funniest VP of the United States in the history of America. 

Well, here are my top three. What about you? Who are your favoriate talk show hosts?

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