My Horror Movie List

I have a habit of watching horror movies. Note that a film series counts as one movie. So here is my top 10 horror movie list!

#1 Annabelle 2014

I watched this film when I was home alone (not including the dog) in a cold and dark winter. However, Pira was sitting right next to me. I was an intense movie with great sound effects. The doll was certainly a creep! The characters in the movie couldn't get rid of her. I am currently waiting for the upcoming Annabelle! That is a must-watch!

#2 The Conjuring Films 2013,  2016

Last summer, I was so in love with horror movies. I watched all of them with my boyfriend. The movies were based on the cases that Ed and Lorrain Warren investigated. In fact, they were also involved in the Annabelle investigation. The nun, Valak, had really nice makeup. James Wan is an amazing director! Can't wait for The Conjuring 3 to come out! 

#3 Sinister Films 2012, 2015

These movies are all about that evil spirit Bughuul who recruits innocent children to murder their family members. Bughuul was such a director who made the kids record their own murder scenes. 

#4 Insidious Films 2010, 2013, 2015

The bottom line of horror movies is to not contact with spirits. You never know what they can bring you. Don't walk into the wrong world. If you are a horror movie fan like me, you don't want to miss these movies. Good news Insidious 4 is coming up!

#5 Ouija Films 2014, 2016

The bottom line is --- don't try to contact the other side of the world! Doris, the little girl, was too creepy! DZ, the initials, remember that! 

#6 The Uninvited 2009

This movie has a very surprising ending, so I am not going to spoil this for you. I like surprises! 

#7 Lights Out 2016

Watch out for this Diana lady! She will come to you when you turn off the lights! Shhhh...The only way to make Diana vanish is someone's sacrifice. 

#8 The Witch 2015 

A family back in the 17th century had banished from their Puritan plantation due to their difference in interpreting the New Testament. They had to live right next to a dense forest. The forest was mysterious until the end of the film...You will find out! 

#9 The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016

This is another witchcraft movie. As I remembered, there were a lot of jump scares, so be aware. The movie was mostly set inside the autopsy house, which was operated by a father and a son. One day a mysterious body of a young woman named Jane Doe arrived at the house. Bizarre things start to happen inside the house and the spirit of Jane Doe was making the father and son delusional. Very intense movie - worth to watch!  

#10 Incarnate 2016

This is a you-are-possessed movie with the main character Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart).  Dr. Ember was trying to de-possess the little boy, but....You will find out. However, I can tell you the ending is not that beautiful. 

Well! Thank you guys for reading my top 10! I hope you will have a movie to watch tonight. Shhhh...lights out! 

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