Lobster Dinner

I was craving for Maine lobsters last night, so boyfriend took me a local Wegmans store and got me two lobsters!  Because of our utensil limitation, we had to boil the lobsters instead of steaming them.

  • After boiling a 1-3/4 pounds lobster for 15 minutes, the shell becomes crispy and is easy to break. There seems to be a three-way relationship: size of the lobster -> length of boiling -> crispiness of the lobster.  Click here to see the boiling instructions for different sizes of lobsters. 
  • To make the lobsters more delicious, we made two types of dipping sauce. Squeeze that lemon juice from a fresh lemon. Microwave unsalted butter for 30 seconds. Voila.

Our kittens got very excited and curious with the lobsters. They were checking them out in the sink! How adorable! I hope you like this piece and enjoy your lobster dinner!
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