Our Furry Babies

We just got back from our grocery trip two hours ago, and now I am waiting for Jimmy's chicken soup to be cooked. Jimmy makes really good chicken soup. I am already drooling. Jimmy also got me a cartload of snacks. I know he is spoiling me! 

Iris learned to sunbathe in the hotel. She is living her best life here. She is always on vacation, especially when the cats are not around. She is the only attention seeker in the house!
Speaking of our cats, here is Jupiter and Selena. Selena is actually back in her own home. Jupiter is just hanging in her house, but Selena doesn't seem to mind much. 
Do you know which cat is this? Jedie! The social cat! He looks so flexible here. Is he practicing kung fu? I miss his soft fur and his creepy stares at night. 😜
Have I mentioned Mr Marley passed away in January this year? He had an enlarged heart. We think there was something outside spooked him. Now he is probably hanging out on Jesus' desk, instead of mine...
Oh, I recently got a Zhan Family mug from Shutterfly (the one on the left). The cup on the right was an old cup I designed a long time ago. It preserved all our happy moments together! 

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