Happy Days

Next week marks the last week of my second trimester. I am already so big, so I am not sure how big this time I will get. The hunger situation is real. I've been craving for peanut butter crackers and the chickens from Chick-fil-A. I have also learned to buy snacks on Amazon Fresh, which will be delivered right to my door. You see, I am expecting myself to be a chubby and clumsy mama bear soon again. 

My son is still with his grandparents. He is so happy with his auntie Emma. They are having so much fun together. My baby is a naturally civil engineer. Well, he might have gotten his talent from his great great great great grandpa, Zhan Tianyou.  He can recognize shapes very well and put his blocks together without falling apart. He is a little boy of many talents just like his dada. I am very proud to be his mama. 

Jimmy recently saved two baby sparrows from our backyard. We successfully hatched them and now we are officially their adoptive parents. Jimmy is really good at feeding the babies. I also learned how to take care of them while Jimmy is away. In the meantime, our dog is getting used to the big city. She is very gentle now. We can even walk her on the streets! Here we went for a walk in Duke. It is a quite decent Japanese garden we have nearby!

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