Still Surviving in this COVID World

It has been so long since I wrote a post. I should be documenting my COVID life. Many things have been changed but I am still the busy me. We are currently living in Durham and the summer here is very hot for a New Yorker like me. I am getting used to it by the day and my body is finally accepting the 90+ degrees weather. My big dog is also here with us. Due to her size, many city folks are scared of her. The thing is…the more terrified they are, the more my dog wants to engage with them. We got a whole bunch of new gears to train her to behave like a city dog. Well, at least she learned to not bark while other dogs are barking in their rooms. I should award her for being the most peaceful dog because seriously, she sleeps way too much!

Wanna play?

In the meantime, my son is staying with his grandparents and is enjoying the much cooler summer in Canada. He is having so much fun with his auntie and made a lot of new friends in the community. It appears my son is super social and can get along with anyone! He is also very brave. When he falls, he doesn’t cry much. He gets up and checks his body. If nothing’s wrong, he moves on. Ok, I didn’t teach him that. That’s a God-given package! 

Chasing the summer dreams

Another surprise! Well, it looks like I can’t keep surprises for too long hehe…Our baby number 2 will be here around our birthdays. The three of us will certainly have a big birthday party every year. We went to check on her today! She opened up her mouth and danced all the way through our ultrasound session. Guess, we will have an active girl in the house very soon. Alright, a new set of toys will be needed for the girl. We will buy barbies and a lot more barbies..hehe that was me when I was a baby. I loved my barbies!

Baby Cha dancing in my belly 😍

That’s all I have to say! I will update more soon! So many things are happening….

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