Son is Growing Fast

My baby has been growing fast.  His current favorite word is car. I guess our road trips back when he was just born helped him to love big trucks. The sound of them makes him happy. He can now say many words like hello, bye, apple, and banana.  He likes to imitate his little aunt, and he is definitely learning a lot from her. He can do some simple gymnastics flips. I am so proud of him!

Oh, here's me every time when I hear a new word from him! Omg, that feeling is indescribably happy! 

Look who is reading about trucks. Just like his daddy who loves trucks so much!
He already wants to learn to drive. He will be my next taxi driver (after his dad retires). Muhaha.
I just can't resist his little happy face! He is definitely having a blast with his little auntie!
Look he also likes to help granny to keep her bathroom clean. 
He loves his aunt and I think tennis will definitely be his sport!
I can't wait to spend more time with my baby son. He's such a happy baby and I will ensure that he will continue to be happy for the rest of his life. 😃
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