True Confession

My baby son has been away from me for a while now. Due to numerous reasons, he has to temporarily stay in Canada with his grandparents. I hope we can get more settled so that I can reunite with him! He has a baby sister coming up soon, and he already knows how to say sister!  He is so ready to be a big brother! 

He is not the only one that I miss! I also miss my kitties. They are still at our coworker's house. I miss their morning greetings and cozy snuggles at night. Fun facts: one of my cats can open doors; one of my cats can detect food in any packaging (sealed Jerky had been detected); one of my cats is very social with people. These three cats have totally different personalities. I miss them so much.
Our Zhan family continues to expand. Now we have 4 furry babies and 2 hooman babies. Shall we get more hooman babies? Hubby Jim wants 4, but I am not really sure. Giving birth is not fun.  My first baby is so naughty. I can't imagine having four kids like him in the house. I can already see this baby girl that I am having is going to be naughty, too. But guess what!? Jimmy's famous ancestor had 8 kids! CRAZY!
In the meantime, Iris loves to give dada big hugs! She is definitely beyond 120 pounds! She is really smart! She never jumps on me because she knows that I can't handle her. 
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