A Mayo Clinic Visit

Don't even know where to start but I am so happy that I am still alive and well. Last Monday I was hospitalized for preeclampsia with severe features and the doctors said that I had to deliver the baby the following Monday. From last week till yesterday,  I was on meds and had numerous iv injections on my arms. Checking my arms today, I have bruises everywhere. I can't believe this pregnancy got me into the operating room several times. The doctors here at Mayo Clinic were angels. They helped me to deliver my baby in 9 minutes with only 5 pushes before my placenta got ruptured. Then I experienced hemorrhage but the doctors here were quick at spotting the ruptured placenta and immediately took it out to stop the bleeding.  I lost over 2 liters of blood and thanks goodness that Mayo Clinic has a great blood bank.  I immediately got the right type of blood and the antibodies I needed to recover from the blood loss. What a week! My baby girl is staying at the Mayo Clinic's NICU receiving the best care she needs to grow outside the womb. It makes sense that Mayo Clinic is the best hospital in the world! It really saves lives. 
Here are some more pictures of my baby Gabs.
Content baby sleeping in her mama's arms
Got her first bath in Mayo Clinic's NICU
This is an electronic memory book. This piece of memory will be forever remembered and recorded. 
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