Doing Great

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I've been busy with my baby girl and restoring our house. There are so many leaves nonstop falling. My baby girl, on the other hand, is growing fast. She's not even two-month-old yet! She's already 9 lbs! Average 2-month girls weigh about 11 lbs, so she is doing great!
My girl was supposed to be born after Halloween, but she made it before Halloween. This year she got to dress up as daddy's little cheerleader. 

My boy's first Halloween was in 2019. He dressed up as a sloth. Look! How cute he is!
I also made a memory book for the birth of my daughter and her experience at the NICU. Giving birth to her was quite an experience! Thanks to Mayo Clinic. Both of us are doing great!
The Zhan family is still expanding. We now have a family of 4. If we were to include our animals, we would have a family of 8! On the other hand, our 20 chickens are still alive! They are laying eggs for us every day. I came up with the idea of making waffle eggs. Each waffle egg takes three eggs to make!
Ok! That's it for this round! I will keep updating my blog! I guess it is good to record my memories. It starts to sound like the movie The Notebook. 😊
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