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My baby Kieran has been away from me for a while. He is still in Canada, and we are unsure when the border is going to reopen. We've been video chatting on WeChat, and I can tell that he is growing fast! He can do a lot of things now, from pretending signing papers to playing tennis. I am so proud to be his mama. He is currently living with his grandparents (Jimmy's parents), and thank goodness he has a little auntie who can play with him. They have become best friends. 

Let's take a look his happy moments:
BFF for life with matching shirts!
The cutest farmer alive!
Just exploring a Canadian farm.
I want to be a tennis star!
What can I say! He is growing up so fast! How am I missing out on his growth? I can't wait to get him back to the states! I hope this coronavirus can go away soon, but I doubt it will since people are going back on to the streets to protest. 
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