Life in Quarantine

Second Entry of Our Survival Journal

My baby is just a little bit over one.  He is super cute and talented. Since this COVID-19,  my baby and I are separated. We live in two different countries. I miss that chubby little face. I really miss reading stories to him and cuddling him to sleep. One day, we were video chatting on the phone, my baby grabbed his coat and asked grandpa to put it on. I guess he wants to come home. Then I told him that I am not there to pick him up and he looked really disappointed.  Let's just pray that this virus will vanish soon.

He loves to water plants!
Still can play indoor soccer!
He can climb like a monkey!
While he is away, I have more time to watch shows on Netflix. So, thanks to Netflix, it got me into Chinese dramas. Each drama has at least 25 episodes.  Each episode always stops at a cliffhanger, which is really annoying! From this week on, I need to control myself; otherwise, I will really become a couch potato. I also learned that most of these shows are shot around my hubby & my mom's home 'state' Zhejiang. The actors in these shows are very good looking. Hehe, but none of them can beat the cuteness of my baby. 
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