Our Quarantine Life Continues

Jimmy and I are still in lockdown. We have the same routines on the weekdays: get up, work, and sleep. It is not easy to go out nowadays as most of the stores and shops are closed or closed earlier than before. Our local Walmart is no longer 24/7, so we can't buy groceries anytime we want.  Since a lot of services are no longer available, Jimmy and I had to learn new skills. We together trimmed his hair. He looked like a monk at the end, really bald. 

Monk Jim holding Marley the Cat
I also got new habits like eating a lot of junk food and watching Chinese drama on YouTube or Netflix. Ah, these Chinese actors and actresses are very good looking. My favorite Chinese actress (who does not look Chinese) is Dilraba Dilmurat. The first show I saw her in was Eternal Love on Netflix, and she played a red fox. She will be forever known as the red fox to us. There are several Chinese actors I like, and they are Deng Lun and Zhang Bin Bin. They are all about my age, and very handsome...wish to meet them in Shanghai one day! 

My favorite red fox :)
We managed to get something done around the house. We mowed the lawn, cleaned after our animals, and did our laundry. We recently had a Memorial long weekend. We drove from Upstate New York to South Carolina and looped back from Tennessee. We originally planned to visit Florida, but its border closed to New Yorkers. I was also looking forward to some South Carolina boiled peanuts, but coronavirus said no boiled peanuts for me. 

Hanging out in the Great Smoky Mountains
Last but not least, I have to Thank God that both of us still have jobs. We are big spenders, so we can't live without paychecks. Amen. 
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