Six Months of Adventure

My baby Kieran is officially 6-month-old today. He currently weighs 21 lbs! He has many first times in these wonderful six months of his life! Let me highlight some milestones!

- He is quite a traveler. He has traveled through 66% of the American states and he is still working on it. His favorite state so far is probably Florida (his daddy's favorite, too)!  He has experienced a Polar Vortex in the Mid-West at the beginning of 2019 and saw sun dogs! He has seen palm trees and beach waves in Florida!

Happy family in Florida!
- He experienced the heat and a trip to the ER in McAllen, TX.  This was when he took his first flight to Texas! He did a good job and had fun on the terminal trams.

- He had his first party at our house. Auntie and uncles traveled all the way from Canada to visit Kieran. He also got some Dr. Seuss books and an NSAS space suit! Just a few weeks later, he joined an Indian baby shower party!

- He also went camping and played on the beach for the first time! That was also his first time crossing the border to Canada. He had a lot of Canadian uncles and aunties to hold him on the camp site. He was so spoiled. He did not get a single mosquito bite. Thanks to me (I was massacred by them)!

- Skill-wise, he is able to sit by himself. He likes to talk to us even though we don't understand his baby language. He can eat solid food now. So proud of him that he is able to feed himself. He also loves to jump in his jumper.

- In daycare, he loves to play with other babies. They played with mud together on Mud Day! Since they share their toys, they share their viruses. Kieran had his first fever and first ear infection on the first day of being a six-month-old baby.

- Most importantly, his bottom teeth are coming out! He is growing fast!

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