My 8-Month-Old Baby

It's crazy how time passes by so fast! He is officially 8-month-old! I am so proud to be his mom! Let's quickly summarize his past fun two months!
  • He loves to make music, dance, and play on the computer! 
Making music!
Dancing to the music!
Computers are amusing!
  • He traveled to the Midwest once again, but this time with the whole family. While in the hotel, he tried out the swimming pool. He loved the little water park. He also observed how I swam. He later copied me using his little legs to kick in the water. Super cute! Of course, on the road, we traveled through some big cities of the Midwest! His granny said he left his smell aka his diaper in every major city of the Midwest! 
The little water park in the hotel!
With lil Auntie Emma!
  • He is now on solid food. He hates baby food, but loves real food! He loves his spaghetti, plums, oranges, strawberries, scrambled eggs, meat balls, and oh yes, bananas! Every time when he eats these, he puts a big smile on his face!
This smile is priceless!
B A N A N A!
  • On his first day of being a 7-month-old baby, he called me mama. OMG. That was precious. His voice and his calls immediately melt my heart. I could not stop from smiling. I was way too happy!
  • He also loves his weekend adventures with mommy and daddy!
Daddy's a professional photographer!
Selfie in PA!
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