Happy Working Mom!

I went back to work after 6 weeks and lucky enough for us, there was a spot for Kieran at the daycare right next to my work. I get to see him during lunchtime! Oh, he loves the daycare! He gets to meet new faces and socialize with other babies. He is always smiling, dancing, and singing! He is such a happy baby! He also did some painting at the daycare, and he is talented! All the teachers there adore him very much. He is definitely enjoying the second month of his life. 

He is also sleeping longer throughout the night, so I can actually wake up on time to go to work! His basic rules of life right now are drink, sleep, poop/pee, play, and repeat! As a working mom, life has been busy, but happily busy! What can I say! He is such a sweetheart.

Have I mentioned that he is a really tall baby? He is taller than 95% of the babies his age! Now 3-6 months clothes don't even fit well on him! I have to buy 9-12 months clothes for him. He is growing really fast! 

I am a superman! Watch out!
Here is my masterpiece!
I love talking to myself in the mirror!
I love grocery shopping with mama!
I slept through my first time out at the daycare!
One happy gator!!
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