Travel to the Midwest

Jimmy took a week off to travel with us across the Midwest, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. On the way, we visited several big cities including Cleveland, Detriot, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Omaha, and Bentonville. We also experienced Polar Vortex 2019. At one point, we experienced -27F in Iowa! Some cars wouldn't even start! Our F150 survived the arctic weather!

We are big fans of Ford, so we visited our truck's birthplace in Kansas City. It is gigantic! I wish I could get another F150! 😉 Do you know that Sam Walton also drove an F150? We also visited Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for Jimmy's checkup.

Our less than one-month-old son also traveled with us. He was very cooperative. He enjoyed the white noise generated by our truck and the wind. He slept most of the way and occasionally cried for his milk. We couldn't sleep in our truck like the old days because of the baby, so we booked several hotels on the way. 

When we reached Arkansas, the weather was already in the 60s! We had a nice drive back from the northwest of Arkansas to the northeast of Arkansas. To be home on time, Jimmy drove 27 hours nonstop back to Upstate New York.

This was captured in Ohio. Baby Kieran feels safe in daddy's arm!
In the same hotel! After drinking and puking, he is finally happy!
Captured in Rochester, MN when daddy went to Mayo Clinic.
Captured in Arkansas. Daddy is showing baby Kieran a YouTube Video.
Caught my son opening up a pub in Minneapolis! 😜
Sundogs captured somewhere in Iowa!
So cold.........
Driving through Omaha, NE. What L Street?
Heading into Kansas City! Good weather!
Here is the Walmart Museum in Bentonville, AR.
Diaper, feed, and travel! Life is too good!
After this trip, I am one-month-old!!!

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