New Mom Experience

My baby used to be 100% nocturnal! That meant no sleep for me at all during night time. I had to try to open up my eyes without falling asleep to feed him and change his diaper. His digestive system was rapid at digesting. One bit of milk immediately turned into pee and poop. I am officially a diaper expert and knows exactly when to change his diaper without being sprayed.

Nowadays, in the morning when he is fully awake, I put on some classical lullabies for him to listen. Surprisingly, he loves music a lot! He becomes calmer and more relaxed. I also do activities with him such as the baby tummy exercise. He is already on his way to crawl! We have a super awesome monkey seat for him. He loves to dance through the songs from the monkey seat. I am so proud to be his mom. All these activities eventually tire him out. Now, he wakes up twice in the night. It is so awesome that baby Kieran cooperates with us. He is such a sweetheart.

Today was his first time to go offroading in the blizzard and dining out with us. He was surprisingly behaving! He loved riding in our F150 like he used to in my belly. After we came home, he gave me a big smile! He was such a happy and adventurous baby!

Yes! Kieran was dining with us in the restaurant!
New York State had gone mad with the snow!
Our adventure vehicle was covered with snow!
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