Adventure in Morocco

Morocco used to be a French colony. Many parts of Morocco still reveal its past colonization - from its buildings to its language. In Morocco, the official language is Arabic, but French is used mostly by upper-class Moroccans. The mosques in Morocco are absolutely gigantic and gorgeous. Most Moroccans are devoted to Islamic God, Allah.  Walking down the Medina of Rabat was a great shopping experience.

Besides exploring Rabat, I also worked with disabled children in an orphanage. Most children there could not talk or hear, so it was a tremendous challenge for me to communicate with them. Despite the communication barrier, I realized that love is universal. These children could not understand what I was saying, but they could understand what love was. I fed them. I bathed them. I read them stories. I dressed them. I wheeled them out for sunlight. I sang to them. I played with them. I taught them English and French. There were just too many ways that I could do to make them feel loved and cared. I was very happy that I was able to make them smile. Their happiness will forever be engraved in my heart. 
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